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108 mala prayer

108 mala prayer

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  • Butterfly Process

    This noble, as well as unique Sharanam Mala establishes in you a solid trust in the natural processes of life, as well as in the miracle of creation and the immeasurable intelligence and love behind it. The Butterfly Process Mala supports your devotion to your inner guidance, as well as the metamorphosis as a constant process of expansion and refinement, as well as release and transformation to recognize. High quality turquoise, citrine, 24k gold plated silver, coral, peridot. Length 60cm Accompanying this mala are: + 1 hour personal coaching + individual programming of the stones, added to the basic vibration. +Love letter from the stones. +personal Mantra / Intention  
  • Pure Love

    pure love. This deep rooted alignment is reaching out to heaven. Pure Love Mala is evolving you into a conscious form freedom and awareness. This unique Sharanam Mala is like a guardian angel. She supports you in learning to trust, expand and surrender to the essence of your soul. Grounded in this inner Temple of deepest natural wisdom you experience that love is all. With this Mala you get * a one hour holistic session (5 level embodiment coaching) to program this magical peace of healing art * a channeled love letter from the stones, that is a special programming of the your Mala too. Mala Length: 52cm Love Yours Joy
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